Occupied Space 2008
Rula Halawani

4. Hundreds of Palestinians leave Al-Aqsa mosque on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan (Palestine, 2007)
digital photographic print
60 x 40 cm

Rula Halawani was born in 1964 in Jerusalem. She studied photography in Saskatchewan, Canada and for her MA at the University of Westminster, London. A freelance photojournalist from 1990-98, her photographs have appeared in publications in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. They have also been shown in many collective and solo exhibitions, including the 2005 Sharjah Biennal. In September 2008, a major retrospective of her work was held in Brussels as part of the Masarat festival of Palestinian art and culture. She teaches in Birzeit University’s Dept. of Photography, which she founded in 2001. Lives and works in Jerusalem.

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